OCT  3RD 4TH & 5TH

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“To serve the needy with health, wellness,
education in the community and around the world.”

A letter from Eleanor Britter,


PSILC Believes that all the issues we address in our projects through our committees are MORAL issues.

Our clinics, Medical Missions and Health Fairs serve the Health and Wellness needs of our community and Globally. Why? Because 60% of the people in the world are without proper health care for DIABETES, CANCER especially in children, HEART DISEASE, MEASLES, DISABILITIES, SIGHT, BLINDNESS AND HEARING ISSUES, EMOTIONAL HEALTH ISSUES (LIONS QUEST PGM) to name a few.

Through our food programs we serve THE HUNGRY, THE HOMELESS, THE POOR, and THE VETERANS. Why? Because in the United States we have the highest rate in the world of people who are undeserved in these groups.

We have attempted to help solve these problems by diligently shinning a light on the problems as we shore up those in need. In this way and with our support these people, including children (who are living in cars), can begin to find a clear path to use their abilities and talents in the world and become the assets they were born to be.

Life is a balance between perfect and imperfect. Imperfection is just as important as perfection after all we are not perfect beings to start with we are not a straight line. Without attempting to address that which is imperfect we will not find anything that resembles perfection.

We are committed to serve the undeserved as a first step in stemming and addressing the imperfection of these ever growing needs.

In Lionism,
PSILC President, Eleanor Britter



PSILC is a non-profit under Section 501(C)(3) of the IRS. IRS ID 46-1936672